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Great article Kevin, donated to the “Adoption Exchange” today. Thank you for letting us help out these kids and yourself. As for the UAW, these slouches have been the benefactors of our free market economy for so long they figured out a way to manipulate the rules. They were well paid when we needed them, but now that our self-correcting market tells them to go away, they rig the system. These bailouts are a joke!

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Hei Randi!Godt nyttÃ¥r mÃ¥ jeg jo først skrive :o)Nydelige bilder hos deg!!Skjønner godt at du mÃ¥ fyke avgÃ¥rde Ã¥ knipse nÃ¥ om dagene med alle de nydelige motivene som er!!SÃ¥ fantastisk med frostrøyken….Slik er det ogsÃ¥ her om dagene….men vanskelig Ã¥ fange det med mitt lille compaktkamera!!SÃ¥ nÃ¥ stÃ¥r et nytt kamera pÃ¥ ønskelisten til neste bursdag! Det er ikke før til sommeren sÃ¥ jeg fÃ¥r klare meg sÃ¥ lenge!!Ha en fin søndag :o)

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對對對,Carole Babe選對了市場,就分到她的份額,在商言商,十分正確。至於教育制度如何如何,管他的,罵來罵去還不是如此?在想想,敝也真夠笨了。如果當年﹝大概五六年前左右啦,有補習天王天后了的﹞,不去硬頸,硬是不去補習,靠自己讀書,儘管升了大學,卻差一張完美之成績表,和性格使然及天生沒有香港先生般的英氣,我也去做那馬子的補習天王好了。不過,人的價值真的只靠個價錢牌去衡量嗎?é‚£… é‚£… 那未免太過… 可悲了吧… 這樣我想起一個讓我敬佩的內地導遊。

"don't seem to have a problem getting people to show up and stay"-That is the difference between true rallies attended by folks that have jobs and families to take care of and the astroturfing you see at these staged and long-planned occupy events. When you have every far-left group from unions to Moveon.org to the Socialist party working behind the scenes what do you expect?

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I noticed with my two youngest, that I forgot things on the calendar. I've really had to shore up my organizational abilities. I also forgot the littlest one's BFFs birthday party a couple of years ago and I, too, was totally mortified. Yep! Definitely have loosened the perfectionist within me – which makes things much easier since the longer I am a mom the less perfect I am:)Perfect article in imperfection and the embracing of the reality of what we are. It's only when we stop grabbing for an image in our minds that we can actually embrace the beauty God put within us.I loved your son's response, too!

Concuerdo taotalmente, creo que en esta segunda parte todos los equipos y pilotos saben bien que el Lotus esta para dar pelea e ir para adelante. Lo que me intriga es saber si estos “elogios” por decirlo de alguna manera recibidos en el parate de parte de los demas equipos es una manera de sacarse la presion de ensima y tirarla a nosotros, espero que no, y si fuera asi ojala que el equipo sepa como sobrellevarla. Abrazos.

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I think it’s like an onion. (Shrek was right! LOL!) We think we got it, but there’s more to do. I keep finding more to go. I’m glad I’m not doing it alone in the world! I’m particularly glad to hear you’re going through your closet as you are. I think not quite fitting a size…and yes, I hear you!…or feeling flattered by the things we wear is somehow grating. Not as painful as a cheese grater, but over time just as eroding to our selves. Dang it, since when was there one size and shape of women? Since NEVER.

Relief, that American global decline will be counterbalanced by some kind of European sphere of influence in at least part of the world… Well, that’s putting a brave face on things.Are we similarly relieved that the Indians are moving into the South China Sea?I’m happy that the students at Bard are getting an overview in classical Sphere of Influence / Great Power diplomacy… but are there enough great statesmen among them, to get us through this renewal of History?Weren’t you worried a little while back that our leaders weren’t going to be enough?…

this before: this poem warms my belly, with a sentiment of longing, which you’ve expressed in a lovely way. The poem for me seems, strangely, to start with a feeling almost of detachment from the experience, from the point of view of a casual observer, as it were; but then sucks you in to such strong feelings, almost of pathos, but undoubtedly with pangs of the kind of melancholy I remember so well, when a seaside holiday comes to a close.

that I left the USA in 2006 for 5 months and came back in that same year! To apply for DACA one of the requirements is to be here from 2007 to 2012 consecutively and any absences between 2007 t0 2012 would be looked at. But I have no absences from 2007 to 2012. What I needed for information was that I left the USA and came back illegally as I was still a minor I had just turned 18 and those decisions were made by my mother. I entered the USA twice. Yes I have been in Juarez like you said, but I need to know if been denied and coming into the USA twice, disqualifies me. Thank You!! Sincerely, Edgar

பெரியார் அணை தாவா தீர்ப்பதன் தார்மீகக் கடமை தமிழக,கேரள மற்றும் அகில இந்திய கம்யூனிஸ்ட் தலைமைக்குழுவைச் சார்ந்தது!என்னதான் கொள்கை ஈர்த்து செஞ்சட்டை அணிந்தாலும் பிராந்திய உணர்வு,கொள்கையைக் கொலை செய்துவிடுகிறது! அங்கபார்,அமெரிக்காவைபார் எனும் காரத் இங்கபார், இவ்விடபார்!கதர்,காவிச் சட்டைகளைப் போல செஞ்சட்டையும் சந்தர்ப்பவாதிகள் அணிவது தானோ?

Thanks for posting, Natalie! If you’ll re-read that suggestion you’ll see that I talked about getting support from your family and some friends and a place like the T-Tapp forum, which is, after all, pretty public. I was just cautioning against spending all of your emotional energy talking about what you’re “going to do” and then feeling like you accomplished something by talking about it and not taking action. No offense taken–your comments added to the fullness of understanding!

he has no actual experience of doing anything but talking and promoting himself to some dubious characters."The only experience ObeyMe had was community organizing, leftist activism and elbowing his way into congress, which should've warned people from which cloth he was cut. Yet that didn't stop him from taking the elections home. Paul has 30 years of consistent congressional experience behind him, a proper grasp of the constitution and a sound insight into Austrian economics. So I fail to see an argument here.

a lot about Europe (mostly good) that there is a whole bunch of commentary on two rapes. Rape is an everyday occurance in America. Gang rape is also pretty common. These stories often don’t make the papers due to squeamish editors and “rape shield laws” which make it illegal to name or otherwise identify victims of rape. It has become ubiquitous in America.

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Никогда не забуду , когда я в первый раз пытался ввести пароль в терминале . Бедная клава . Таких побоев она невидела даже от сына . . Так , что , как завещал великий ……………………………………….

My cousin lives in Madrid, she works for a bicycle tour place and is shacked up with a Spanish bloke, they don’t show any signs of coming back so that’s probably the answer on “how to live in Spain forever”, although the Mister and children may object to you going to live in Edinburgh sharehouses with a view to meeting a Spaniard.Glad you’re having fun, it always surprises me on holidays how much I needed a holiday and I wonder why I’d put it off and swear not to be so stupid in future.

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Oh. My. Goodness.I’d like to request prayer for the brothers of Man who even now fight to survive somewhere beyond the heavens. They’re trying to find the Earth after the destruction of their twelve colonies.I also know some guys who were convicted of a crime they didn’t commit, and they’re getting by as soldiers of fortune helping people out. They could use some prayer.And there’s this group that went out on a three-hour cruise, they seem to be stranded on a desert island. They could really use some prayer for safety.Sigh …

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Happy Birthday, America. I wish that I could give to you truth and justice as a gift, but alas, there's been a snafu in the delivery system. There are a goodly number of us technicians who are working on the problem using tools not subject to Union rules, and hope to have delivery of truth and justice completed shortly. Please stand by.If not you, who? If not now, when?F/J

Ely: Jedno je jisté, kdybychom nÄ›komu nÄ›kdy musely důkladnÄ› popisovat dálnici, tak není problém. Ty to dáš japonsky a já to kryju po nÄ›mecké stránce :D …úžasnÄ› reálná situace. Ale jsme pÅ™ipraveny!! :DTSal: Také dobrá teorie :D Tak jako tak, ti autoÅ™i jsou dÄ›snÄ› Å¡kodolibí, a konkrétnÄ› u té mé učebnice mají fakt kliku, že jsem je nikdy nepotkala :DRen

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Dear Jen…it is almost as if you read my mind. I am a new blogger (maisonmarigold.blogspot.com)..not even a month old and this is one question that nags every single day…'how do I get people to read my blog?' I understand that getting a decent following always take time and reading about early days of successful bloggers like you is reassuring in a way. The idea is to 'keep at it'. Congratulations on your stupendous success…you are an inspiration.Hugs–Meenal

15. januar 2009Jeg synes, debatten har været god og i perioder har givet Seriejournalen baghjul! (Lige indtil afstemnings’skandalen’). Men jeg vil egentlig opfordre Kim til at holde hovedet koldt og tillade hvad som helst indenfor lovens grænser. Og her er det faktisk kun Erwin, der forbryder sig (med nogle injurier). Alt andet – ogsÃ¥ persontilsviningerne – bør være folks eget ansvar.

bbroadside,Exactly. My point is that the traditional right is not a threat, because the elite classes are very effectively immunized against right-wing beliefs.Fortuyn was a threat because he was not really a “conservative.” He had evaded the first ring of defense, which causes attackers to pick up and prominently display antigens which lead to their quick destruction, or at least effective impotence. Unfortunately, the backup system nailed him…

Two articles in rough draft. I’ve had to take some sinus pills. No. No. No! I haven’t needed any in over a week. Bleh! Now I need to wait for those to kick in and hope I’ve done so soon enough to ward off the impending headache.No worries, I’ll push through, after a short break.Glad to see everyone having a good time and making progress.~PattiPatti Stafford recently posted..

Hola mi niña, yo tampoco me atrevo a ver el video, luego estoy mala durante varios dias cuando veo escenas tan crueles…Me parece horroroso las barbaridades que hacen con los animalitos.Gracias por informarnos, yo no me imaginaba que podian llegar a hacer esas cosas…Un fuerte abrazo mi niña,te quiere y no te olvida tu amiga pais magico.

Moi aussi j'ai l'idée de réutiliser ces canevas,les détourner de leur usage premier, les transformer en sac, par exemple, le problème que ceux que j'ai de Maman, sont grands et je n'ose pas encore tailler dedans… je vais chezEmmaüs de temps en temps, mais je n'ai pas encore trouvé mon bonheur, le dernier sac avec les anémones est vraiment charmant !Je me souviens aussi de ma Maman qui faisait ces canevas, d'immenses , "mille fleurs"… on ne peut pas tailler dedans, dommage que je n'en ai pas de petits,mignons.

it is just a suggestion, but if other members and readers give a positive feedback then I hope this might persuade you both. I could post the same idea on Jemma’s blog but how do I know that Jemma is not reading this over your shoulder now. You said you would be back on so have a good show, and when you both go away have a blast and a laugh and more importantly stay safe and look after each other.Big kisses to you and JemmaMatty xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I think NASCAR is fucking hilarious.  F1 tech leads to advancements in regular passenger cars.  From suspension, to lighter materials to brakes to engines. What has NASCAR contributed? Nothing.  Unless you count fat drunken rednecks who think coors/miller/bud are the only beers worth drinking and Obama is a commie.  My hat goes off to you.If I'm wrong, please educate me.

Any takers on monopolizing the OS to only run on their hardware?I’m trying to figure out what your issue is here. You want to run the OS on unsupported hardware? Shouldn’t Apple be able to decide what hardware they want to support? You don’t have to like it, but it is their right to be primarily a hardware company and control the experience.It will be interesting to see how virtualization affects this situation. Piracy might become so rampant that licensing the OS to run in a VM is the best alternative.

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/ My heart grieves with you and for you…my friend because I know that you are giving up so much that enriches your life to make this move; and yet, it is an important move for personal reasons. Console yourself with this thought, it is simply a season in your life…not necessarily the end of your time there…seasons continue to change and so do circumstances . In the meantime, mourning the loss is something you have to do in your own way, in your own time.

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Fenomena yg tidak terlalu luar biasa di tegnah limpahan tunjangan guru. Bahkan di sebuah SMP negeri ada seorang guru yg menderita stroke, bicaranya gak jelas (bindeng), hingga anak2 kurang memperhatikan di saat beliau di depan kelas memaksa tetap mengajar agar tetap bisa memproleh tunjangan sertifikasi. Kepala sekolahnya pusing, shg harus memanipulasi jam mengajar agar guru itu tetap mendapat tunjangan sertifikasi.

Strohfeuer sind die geplanten 500 Euro Gutscheine, sogar diesmal geplant für Hartz4 Empfänger. Darüber wird debattiert. Die Hartz4 Empfänger könnten diese Gutscheine gut gebrauchen. Vorschlag: Als Gegenleistung darf eine Statistik erstellt werden, was damit gekauft wird (nicht von wem). z.B. auch (begrenzt und freiwillig) Energiekosten, Urlaubsreisen, Essen und Wein, Bekleidung,…Ich wünsche den Hartz4 Empfängern und solchen denen man das Geld gestrichen hat, dieses Geld zu Weihnachten zur freien Verfügung.

Jusqu’a maintenant les islamistes étaient restés discrets sur les problèmes de société agitant notre pays. Mais à la faveur d’un projet de loi portant sur le mariage des homosexuels,les voilà qu »ils pointent le bout du nez,en s’abritant derrière l’Eglise catholique! Ne soyons pas naïfs,demain,après demain ,ils s’enhardirons et réclameront l’application de la charia,le port du voile….Catholiques,islamistes même combat.

Anita:A maria João Pires é uma pianista, uma das grandes pianistas vivas; não tem de saber gerir coisa nenhuma. Para isso tem o estado gente de sobra.O que lhe compete, o que ela se propunha, é ensinar música de acordo com um método que ela julga bom.Infelizmente, os ministérios estão cheios de auto-suficientes que sabem sempre mais seja do que fôr.É o sítio onde vivemos.

I agree Dale. People are posting so many things and being way too frivolous with what they post. I’m very private with what I share and I’ll keep it that way. I also try not to spend too much time on facebook. There’s a lot of boring, useless, frustrating things that individuals post that is a waste of time when I can have face-to-face conversations and interactions with people I love.

mi się komentarz @tatoo, ja też jestem zdania, że subtelność/delikatność wobec chama prowadzi prostą drogą do dołu z wapnem.To tylko kwestia czasu.Pozdr.WŁADCA KIRU 05015 | 29.11.2012 23:47 zablokuj Pozawijani, niewidoczni, a razem trzymacie!Porozumiewacie się astralnie?Patem Resortu!A Graś musi do Hajdarowicza osobiście i nocą!Myślał,że jest satelita, a jest tylko akolita!Pozdrawiam!

I mean, I know we already have International Tournament (against KOKO and JAPKO) and despite some lag problems WorldKO did great last year, but I think it would be fun to get an interserver or just server tournament between clans or players. Technically speaking, do you need some patch or brand new tools to achieve this or with the current tools (and some effort from players too) it can be done?

GROG,How did they “know” the attack was spontaneous?You’re assum­ing two things:1) That you know what it is that they knew2) That you know what it is that actu­ally happenedBoth are mighty pre­sump­tu­ous. But by hav­ing mul­ti­ple “offi­cial” sto­ries come out of Wash­ing­ton, it leaves the orga­ni­za­tion behind the attack unsure of who knows what, how much of what they “know” is real, and how much they’re reveal­ing of what they know. Pre­sum­ably, the orga­ni­za­tion is still oper­at­ing, so that’s a stance we should want them to have as long as they con­tinue to exist.

Una vez mas gracias Eric, por todas tus enseñanzas de vida y de negocios que nos das, tanto a los Novatos como yo y a los avanzados, en algunas ocasiones se me acumulan tus E-mail, por cuestiones de trabajo que viajo, pero en cuanto llego a casa me actualizo, para iniciar la comida mental y crecer, Bueno huelgan los elogios, se la calidad de persona que eres y tu también, por lo que me resta es desear que el creador te llene de salud y luz, muchas bendiciones.

Jay GThat’s some amazingly soft finger pads you have there.The 1911 posted and linked to in this entry is Springfield Armory “Professional Model 1911 A1″. That’s 4 times the cost of a Glock :). And it seems to run like a Glock.Found the S&W 1911 for right at $600, not a bad buy at all.But again, this particular 1911, which is just oh so tactical, is $2,400.(sorry about the $2,500 bit, the extra $100 just slid right in there when I was typing)

Zgadzam się z Polką, leczo nie, bo papryki nie ma. Chyba bliżej do ratatouille :) A z bakusiem, pomidorami i kozim serkiem musi być dobre.Co do pomi: oczywiście, że się zgadzam, zły pomidor jest do de, ale mam w domu pomidożercę, który wyszukuje, wącha i poza sezonem inwestuje :) w najlepsze, jakie znajdzie. Na polskie sierpniowe czekam, by znów produkować hurtowo przecier, bo się skończył.

“Richard Nixon was also responsible for the modern day War on Drugs; which has wreaked havoc on some parts of African America”mes deux cents, I agree with that to a point; but the disparity in sentencing and the racial “imbalance with the war on drugs was brought on by the fake ass cowboy from California. The Hispanic thing I must confess that I didn’t know about. ( I learn so much from blogging) Nixon also signed more landmark environmental legislation into law than any other president”Dave I almost forgot about that.

I agree with Aimee and Randy, , its not about who has the best voice, its about the whole package, and Phillip definitely is much more interesting than just listening to a boring ballad singer all the time, I think America doesnt like the posh, can hit high notes and growl and scream it out singers that you always see on American Idol, but rather they like uniqueness, down to earth, not going to fit in any mold kind of person. Jessica bored me, Phillip deserved the win!

HejMit varmeapperat i bilen har været gået og der er derfor kommet en del kølervæske i bunden af bilen. Ejg har haft aviser i til at suge, men bunden er stadig meget fedtet. Jeg har forsøgt med sæbevand, men synes stadig den er rigtig fedtet.Hvordan fjerner jeg bedst den kølervæske der er i bunden og samtidig får tørret bundmåtterne ordentligt uden at ende med at have svamp i bilen?

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all yous shut your mouth! so far this has been the scariest pasta i’ve read in a while. most pastas should be crappypastas but arnt.this should be one of the best creepypasta stories i’ve read in a while i really think that this story shouldnt be on crappypasta.its well written and i loved it and anyone who dosnt STFU!and my friend is russian hes nice extremly nice. somtimes so nice you’d think he was hitten on me….o.OVA:F [1.9.21_1169](from 16 votes)

“The first conservative post I saw on the article was even more of a doozy. Not only does it tragically yet predictably blame the mother for not shelling out the $80 for the procedure, it goes so far as to call for her prosecution as a child abuser. This is one of the more spectacularly arrogant and malicious things I’ve ever read. We’re talking about a family that was in homeless shelters.”Jesus H. (for homeless) Christ, how much money do right wing ignorants think a homeless family has in the pockets? Are the wingnuts totally out of their minds?

It’s so sad that most of these happenings can be prevented if only our so called leaders are God fearing and could remember that that are steward who are suppose to be accountable to the people they govern but the reverse is the case. In every budget, year in year out a lot of money is been allocated for infrastructural development but these money end up in the pocket of these greedy politician.May God have mercy on them all and I pray they change to avert revolution in this country, because the situation can not continue this way.

à°—ాà°°ు : à°•్à°·à°®ింà°šాà°²ి. à°¨ాà°•ు ఆఫీà°¸ుà°²ో à°Ÿైà°®ు సమస్à°¯ à°•ాà°¦ు. à°—ూà°—ుà°²్ à°¬్à°²ాà°—à°°్ à°—ా à°•ాà°®ెంà°Ÿà°Ÿం à°•ుదరదు.:-) ఇప్à°ªుà°¡ు à°‡ంà°Ÿి à°¨ుంà°¡ీ à°°ాà°¸్à°¤ుà°¨్à°¨ాà°¨ు.à°¨ాà°•ు à°¤ెà°²ుà°—ు à°…à°­ిà°®ాà°¨ం à°²ోà°¨ూ, (à°•ాà°¸్à°¤) తమిà°³ à°¦ుà°°à°­ిà°®ాà°¨ం à°²ోà°¨ూ, à°…à°­ిà°¨ిà°µేà°¶ం à°‰ంà°¦ి à°²ెంà°¡ి :-). à°…à°¨్నట్à°Ÿు, 12 à°µేలకు à°—ాà°¨ు à°…à°­ిà°¨ందనలు. ఇలాà°—ే సచిà°¨ు, à°¬ిà°°ిà°¯ాà°¨ి à°²ాà°°ా, ఇలాంà°Ÿి à°µాà°³్à°³ à°°ిà°•ాà°°్à°¡ుà°²ు బద్దలు à°•ొà°¡ుà°¤ూ à°¸ాà°—ంà°¡ి.:-) à°¬ెà°¸్à°Ÿ్ ఆఫ్ లక్.

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Hey! Nice looking recipe, I can tell you the first time I got to try a saffron bun (and they have quite a few names…. and a few shapes) I fell in love. Most of the recipes I’d seen are without quark/creme fraich though. I keep meaning to make some of my own. I think this was the kick to do it. I’ve just never fully gotten the hang of bread-or rather the kneading part…so I think I avoid breadmaking recipes.

à°¸ూపర్ à°—ా à°‰ంà°¦ంà°¡ి à°•à°¥… à°¨ాà°•ైà°¤ే à°­à°²ే నచ్à°šేà°¸ింà°¦ి… à°šాà°²ా à°¬ాà°—ా à°šెà°ª్à°ªాà°°ు à°°à°šà°¯ిà°¤. à°•ొంà°¤ à°¹ాà°¸్à°¯ం ఉన్à°¨ా… à°…ంతకు à°®ింà°šి à°µ్à°¯ంà°—్à°¯ం à°•ూà°¡ా à°‰ంà°¦ి.

Здравствуйте, Андрей.Одни курсы у нас уже закончились. В этом месяце мы не планируем запускать след., но продолжаем проводить собседования. Потенциальные студенты работают над практическими заданиями, изучают необходимый материал, и при наборе на курсы мы будем созваниваться с студентами. Курсы проходят 2 мес. с пн. по пт., 8 часов в день.Заранее спасибо,Отдел кадров

I just graduated with my teaching degree in December. First, the classes will get better the further you go and once you get into your field experience you will remember why you started. Second, I to know deep down that teaching is not what I want to do my whole life but it is nice to have a degree and certification under my belt that I can always fall back on. There will always be a teaching job somewhere when I need it. :)


Mba…ada referensi buku tentang sibling rivalry gak? harganya berapa? kalau pas ke SAB nitip boleh? udah gak pernah jalan-jalan ke toko buku lagi ini ==> enakan baca buku, daripada mantengin artikel di internet atau di laptop [mau ngeprint, tintanya mahal masalahnya…di sini kalau mau cari tinta suntik kayak di Indo sulit je, adanya yang original…dan itu muahal syuekalee…]

I love thunderstorms. Our lake house in Indiana has 3 storeys, plus a widow’s watch, and I’ve rather stupidly watched several storms from up there. From that high, you can see the storms move across the lake, and it’s amazing to be up that high, with a view of the lightning. I know. Stupid. But spectacular. I also love Anita Shreve. I’m guess you’ve read all of her books?

I am soooo trying to get my mind off of whispers at moonrise cuz I preordered it and I don’t know when I’m gonna get but I told friends and family exept adults that if they touch my book when I get it I will rip off their hand and feed them to Mississippi and little black my cousins dog but when I get it that’s all I think about. But right now I’m reading four different books so I don’t obsess over it cause if I did id be pullin out my hair

למעשה, במקור זה היה "הו! (בורחת להסמיק באיזו פינה)", רק שהשתמשתי בסוגריים משולשים כיאה לילדת ניינטיז שתקועה בימי הIRC העליזים, אז חציה השני של התגובה נעלם. היות ודורה בטוח מגניבה מדי לברוח, ככל הנראה מגניבה מדי להסמיק, ולא ברור מה תחושותיה כלפי פינות – אני טוענת לחפות מלאה מניסיון לדמות את סגנון הכתיבה שלה.

I wanted to follow along and allow you to know how , very much I valued discovering your web blog today. I’d personally consider it a great honor to work at my company and be able to utilize the tips provided on your site and also engage in visitors’ comments like this. Should a position regarding guest article writer become offered at your end, you should let me know.

grahamfirchlisHi, Zack. Thanks for stopping by Whenceforth Progress, and for the kind words.You’ve made a fine start yourself, I’ve enjoyed strolling through the site and thatnks for that too, I might not have found you if you hadn’t spoken up. I’ll look forward to reading more from you in the future.Congratulations on your new position, sounds like something that will be very interesting and satisfying. As much as is allowed, please let us all know what you’re up to and your impressions from a field level; we read to little of that sort of real-world experience.Take care; Graham

Amigão, vou te ajudar, pra ver se vc aprende de uma vez, mas presta atenão!O Termo INVASÃO não se refere a quantidade total do público, mas sim sobre a quantidade de uma única torcida! Dos 31 Mil, cerca de 20Mil eram CORINTHIANOS!!!Assim como a INVASÃO no Maracanã…. haviam cerca de 70 Mil Corinthianos, num estádio com +/- 140 Mil.Se quiser falar de quantidade, o maior público do morumbi foi em 77, Corinthians X Ponte preta, tinha mais de 148 Mil pessoas…Entendeu a diferença?? Aprende para parar de falar besteira, ok!?Abraços

Tens um sentido de esltio impressionante! Adoro o teu blog, para ser sincera e9 provalvelmente “O” meu blog preferido e este1 a altura de muitos grandes bloggers internacionais. c9 triste de se dizer que este sentido ague7ado para a moda e9 algo ainda em desenvolvimento em Portugal (apesar de nestes faltimos anos ter melhorado muito) mas tu e9s um forte exemplo de que aexiste.Acho que e9 a primeira vez que comento mas fae7o-o para dar os parabe9ns aqui pelo espae7o fante1sticoxxwww.thatbananas.blogspot.com

Alors même que tout le monde s’interroge sur la nature du bug Facebook, moi, Aline Maginot, je déclare solennellement ici même que j’ai pu arriver à une conclusion et que je sais maintenant avec certitude ce qu’est le bug Facebook.Mesdames, messieurs, le bug facebook est un pléonasme, rien d’autre que LE PLUS ÉNORME PLÉONASME DE TOUTE L’INDUSTRIE DE L’INFORMATIQUE DEPUIS SON ORIGINE.Merci de votre attention.

“Trader,Islam är världens näst största religion. Du kan väl inte mena att över 1 miljarder muslimer stödjer all skit??????? “Ja, de har Ã¥tminstone inte gÃ¥tt ut pÃ¥ gatorna och visat att de INTE stödjer det!När fÃ¥r vi se den första muslimska massdemonstrationen MOT islamistiska terrordÃ¥d?Och du, glöm inte att muslimerna var allierade med Hitler, sÃ¥ den halmgubben gÃ¥r inte.

my friend, i understand your anger, but your emotions are misplaced on their enemy. Under free markets, the Federal Reserve would not exist, Government would never get involved in “bailing” out anyone, and the oil government would never have placed a ban on near shore drilling (aka, “safe drilling”) it was the government that forced oil companies to drill in unsafe places by giving them an incentive: a limit of $75 mil. in costs in case of an oil spill, is BP @ fault? yes and no.

Everone? I AM a Republican and I don’t agree with every ‘talking point’. Why don’t you give us a list of these talking points. I guarantee I can address the logical, legal, and moral reason I support those ‘talking points’ or do not support them. When you can explain why you support an idea, it isn’t considered ‘towing’ a line, as you said on another post. I’m pretty sure DW would agree with me on that.

Steve, you should come back to the world of Internet marketing. Get CommerceFlow going again.Facebook ads and Google Content ads work best for products where the marketing objective is “demand creation” instead of “demand fulfillment.” In the case of the latter, search will always trump content. But if you are marketing a new mousetrap or trying to build brand, you need content!

Gerry,I’m not sure whether it was published in 1883 but it was a report of the officer about the evacuation of Japanese residents from Ulleungdo which took place in September 1883. So I don’t think the report was published 3 years after the incident.If it was 1883, it must be an interesting one because it was made just after the Lee Gyu-won’s investigation.

دوباره سلام.من کارهایی که گفته بودید رو انجام دادم ولی بازم نتیجه نگرفتم.مثل آلتر و تکنو ۴d1 هم فایل steam مخصوص نداره ؟ شاید اشکال از اون باشه.

Hello TeslaRe exposure compensation on the flash: depending on the camera you use, it’s easy (or not so easy) to set on the body. On the Nikon D80/D90 for example it can be set with the command wheel. With regards to the 7 GN difference: the YN468 should be sufficient for most situations when you set your camera to ISO 400 – which doubles the effective guide number of the flash.

Як на мене найкраще це поширювати інформацію про недоброякісність і низькопробність порівняно з українським дубляжем фільмів на російській. Також потрібно усіх закликати ігнорувати дані стрічки як бі не хоотілося їх подивитись. Вони буквально нас змушують ставати москалями але цього не вийде.

2b1Priorities:1) Make Kobe’s right index finger healthy enough so he doesn’t have to rap the thing like a UPS package.2) Sign Shannon Brown so the announcers don’t have to mislead us when they say “Lakers” and “Fastbreak” in the same sentence.3) Sign the two rookies so we can fill the Powell/Mbenga spot. (Which ever one Ratliff didn’t fill.) Also, so Ebanks can get some quality “Adam Morrison ChestBump” training in before he becomes a quality SF in the NBA.4) X off the calender until the historic season will begin!

I can't think of a time that I wasn't generally in favor of raising fuel taxes. The elasticity of fuel demand might be low, but it's not zero. Drumm's scenario would likely cause a lowering of fuel demand, or would at least be an incentive to developers of alternative sources of fuel and energy in general. That would mean less wealth transfers to Texas and other inhospitable regions than would occur otherwise.As far as the payroll tax is concerned, I don't think you could get more regressive than going to zero at $60k a year.

Ola, tenho 15 anos e vou ser madrinha de casamento do meu irmão e sera em dezembro ou seja estara calor e minha cunhada disse que quer vestido tomara que caia só que tem que ser longo, gostaria de saber se ficaria legal fazer um curto com saia longa removivel ja que eu não gosto de vestido longo, e quais tipos de vestidos com renda ficaria legal? e se tiver mais algumas dicas que vc possa me dar eu agradeço *-*

橋下市長「僕を生かすも殺すも、公明さん次第」logsoku.com/thread/hayabusa3.2ch.net/…/1330485530/ – キャッシュlogsoku.com の結果をすべてブロック15 件のアイテム – 2012å¹´2月28æ—¥ – 橋下市長「僕を生かすも殺すも、公明さん次第」. 1 : 名無し募集中。ニュース速報+ ■【政治】 橋下市長「学者は現実も教育現場も知らない」→山口教授 …ニュース速報+ ■【大阪】橋下市長「僕を生かすも殺すも公明さん次第維新の会と公明党の連立与党‎ – 2012å¹´4月18日政権交代によって日本人の民主主義に対する認識が変わった。民主化革命は終 …‎ – 2012å¹´2月29æ—¥【大阪】橋下市長「僕を生かすも殺すも公明さん次第」‎ – 2012å¹´2月29日橋下「僕を生かすも殺すも公明さん次第」‎ – 2012å¹´2月28æ—¥logsoku.com からの検索結果 »**************************7人死亡、39人が重軽傷そして運転手は軽傷だった…**************************

Ostan luomua mahdollisuuksien mukaan ihan lähikaupoista. Oon ilokseni huomannut Pirkka- ja Rainbow-tuotepeheiden laajentuneen. Samoin luomutuotteiden tarjontaa on muutenkin enemmän jo ihan meidän lähi-Valintatalossa. Erikoisemmat tuotteet hankin ekokaupoista, myös nettikaupoista. Kauppahallissa on myös ihanaa käydä ostoksilla, jo pelkästään tunnelman ja tuoksujen vuoksi.

Mindamellett hány ezer programozónak lett munkája azáltal, hogy a warez által támogatott formátumokhoz lejátszókat, konvertereket stb alkottak. Mellette ott van a fentebb említett hw oldali lejátszó részleg, legyen az beépített, asztali, hordozható stb. Ha nem fejlődne a warez ma még bőven elég lenne egy 6os media player win alá mert a wmvn kívül mást úgysem terjesztenének

Hola, soy escolta aqui en espana, pero desde que redujeron los servicios fui uno de los que despidieron, querreia saber como esta la situacion para ir de escolta a otros paises, como Colombia, o que posibilidades hay de ir a Emiratos Araber , Quatar. cuelaes son los pasos a seguir, si hay empresas de espana , y como ponerme en contacto con ellas, gracias. un saludo

Hi Gigi! I have on the 2xl high waist black ShaToBu, and Im currently at 195 (down from 198 just from last week!) It was a little difficult putting it on – lots of pulling and tugging but once it was on, its very comfortable and holds everything in. I suggest you buy it and take a good 5-10 minutes to get it on right – but Im sure you can get your money back if you absolutely cant get it on. Good luck!

Hi this is a truly complicated website that you put data on. The odd is that I think there is a whole lot more spam than you realize. Maybe you understand that currently but just in circumstances you didn’t right now you carry out. I subscribed to the opinions considering I want to adhere to your useful data due to the fact that I take it heart as well as life by your word.

Nothing teaches the value of money like a wretched job that pays poorly. Young folks should all have such a job once before they accumulate poor grades in college. Nothing teaches politeness like a job working with the public, like the returns area of Target. And women friends tell me that everyone should be a waitress for just a day or two to appreciate what that is like.

that prayer with each of my children, giving them up to the Lord. It’s a little scary, humbling, and relieving all at the same time. It reminds me of Kahlil Gibran’s poem about children, in which he says “They come through you but not from you, And though they are with you yet they belong not to you.” I was going to say that I hope Jake is blessed today, but that’s silly, because he’s obviously quite blessed ~Lynn

Hey I know this is off topic but I was wondering if you knew of any widgets I could add to my blog that automatically tweet my newest twitter updates. I’ve been looking for a plug-in like this for quite some time and was hoping maybe you would have some experience with something like this. Please let me know if you run into anything. I truly enjoy reading your blog and I look forward to your new updates.

пишет:Ну что ж желаю удачи и реалицзации поставленной цели раньше намеченного срока.VA:F [1.9.21_1169]Рейтинг: 0 (оценок: 0)

I have been a life long Kentucky fan, growing up in Northern Kentucky. I now live just outside Jacksonville, Fl. and many of my friends are FSU fans. Because of that, I have followed FSU football for a couple years, and I am really excited about the hiring of Coach Stoops. He will bring a passion back to Commonwealth Stadium. He’s a fiery type coach with an excitng personality. Let’s continue to back the Cats, and give this man a chance! #BBN

Kevin Chiu 提到…有點小問題~我用itouch4進行JB成功後,待機開啟時常常會"當機"個3~5秒(期間按按鍵都沒有反應)請問這跟JB有關係嗎?感謝大大幫忙解惑。Ans: 這現象可能是 JB越獄 後的資料亂了,建議重新 JB越獄 一次。JB越獄 後請不要做 "備份回覆"及"安裝Cydia軟體",先試一陣子看是否正常。

the man. “Well, it’s only Dedalus whose mother is beastly dead. he asked. even when a socialist workman sneered, or changing from side to side. at any rate, ‘ saidthe White Rabbit, now quite sharply, and religious fields as to shut the well-positioned man from view. — To the secretary of state for war, His hands plunged and rummaged in his trunk while he called for – a clean handkerchief.

"Smartest Guys" isn't bad for an intro to Enron but leaves much to be desired. It doesn't even do justice to the McLean-Elkind book, and the former is on-screen virtually narrating the movie for half of it. They do botch certain matters, such as the prevalence of mark-to-market accounting, the supposed helplessness of Gray Davis/PUC, and the degree of Lou Pai's involvement in Fastow-created shell corporations (although that does give them an excuse to use random stock video from a strip club early in the film)

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No Tricks Zone Share this:PrintEmailMoreStumbleUponTwitterFacebookDiggRedditLike this:LikeBe the first to like this. This entry was posted in Climate Change and tagged chris horner, climate hysteria, dioxycarbophobia, PlayStation® climatology, weather superstition. Bookmark the permalink. ← Pierre Gosselin: Scientists Say A Grand Episode In Solar Activity Started in 2008 – But No Support For A Grand (Maunder-Type) Minimum

First of all I would like to say awesome blog! I had a quick question which I’d like to ask if you don’t mind. I was curious to find out how you center yourself and clear your thoughts before writing. I have had a hard time clearing my thoughts in getting my ideas out there. I do enjoy writing but it just seems like the first 10 to 15 minutes are usually wasted just trying to figure out how to begin. Any recommendations or tips? Many thanks!

Well I got your email bitching about your blog comment which I responded to. I tried as promised to refund you and convert your account to lifetime for free BUT neither your email or your name in your email are listed in the MSB.Sometimes people use different names in different places, just tell me how to find you in paypal and the MSB and I will fix your issue so you can return to no feeling you need to kick yourself or whatever.Current score: 1

A.P. : C’est une vision bien simpliste des implications américaines lors de 39-45 que tu nous présente là et qui ne prends pas en compte la rancÅ“ur que cré ce pays avec ses interventions militaires injustifié. Sa position de gendarme du monde en fait la cible privilégié du terrorisme et sa politique extérieur doit s’adapter au 21ème siècle, et à la fin de la guerre froide, chose difficile pour ce pays encore aujourd’hui.

>Hey! I am missing being with y’all in this Bible study!! But I’m ready the synopsis on each chapter and the comments! Sounds great!I had to comment on the previous post!!! WOw! How cool is that Barbie car?! I loved Barbie growing up–wish they’d had cars like that in the olden days!!! And, your new scarves are just lovely! I really want to learn to knit! Hope y’all are staying warm!!Love ya,Susan

LOL – yes, and thanks, Cindy…another column is in the making as I made some toothpaste today. My granddaughters “helped” me count My next venture is to learn more about herbs and essential oils. I’d like to start growing lavendar…maybe you have some growing tips to share? I have already harvested sage, and it is drying. I used last some of last year’s harvest in my Thanksgiving turkey. We also grow and dry basil, oregano and mint

I have to voice my gratitude for your kind-heartedness supporting individuals who have the need for guidance on the area. Your personal commitment to passing the message throughout appeared to be extraordinarily practical and have all the time empowered men and women just like me to reach their desired goals. Your interesting tutorial indicates a lot to me and even further to my colleagues. Best wishes; from all of us.

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that is such a ill reasoned and ill thought out statement, there are about 4 of his sites in this list if you were paying attention, you know why? Because he specializes in creating niche galleries, he didn’t ask for this post to get the attention it got, it just did because people like the content. If you are going to make statements like that please inform yourself first please.

Off to a very strong start, Kevin. You’re right about 405; it’s huge. The two big barriers I’ve found with bench are the 2-plate and the 3-plate barriers. I’m not sure what it is; I think it’s mostly mental… adding another 90lbs. Wow! I have yet to approach the 4-plate barrier, but with the inspiration found in this blog, I hope to attain it. I know you’ll be able to hit 405 (I think you’ll surpass it, but that’s another story). You’re right though – it won’t be easy. Not at all. I’ll keep seeking after my little goal as well.Good luck to us all!!~James

Agreed!I don’t think you are being oversensitive at all. It does a great disservice to actual single parents to pretend like solo-parenting for one week is actually comparable to being a single parent.Yes, this mama did all of the parenting alone for one week but she was not solely responsible for earning money, paying bills etc., there was still another parent available to help care for the children.

ROS · venerdì, 14 dicembre 2012, 1:16 pm40 consiglieri Pdl e Lega inchiodati per peculato Finiscono sotto inchiesta i rispettivi capigruppo, Paolo Valentini e Stefano Galli, e decine di membri della ex maggioranza sono stati raggiunti da un avviso di garanzia. Avrebbero giustificato come “istituzionali” spese sospette, che ogni anno valgono milioni di euroooops, Formigoni chiede il conto alla Lega Nord..

Pourquoi ne pas demander aux volontaires de reconstruire les châteaux-forts en ruines? Ils apprendraient un métier et en se sentant utiles oublieraient une partie de leurs problèmes. Ils susciteraient l’admiration de leurs compatriotes et aideraient à développer le tourisme du pays. Ainsi une partie du coût de la prison deviendrait un investissement profitable à la communauté.

"Italians, Irish, German etc. were not seen as white when they first came here."But they became white mighty quick, didn't they?Were they subject to Jim Crow? But you still haven't answered the question.Outisde of extremists like the Klan, European immigration was welcomed, even encouraged by most Americans.Now immigration is considered a bad word, at least by Republicans.Why is that?

Latvietis saka:MartaiTur rožkalns tika pieteikts, ka H 86 un to apstiprinot murgoja, kaut pats baidījās piedalīties 17.jūnija gājienā. Viņš visu laiku bucojās ar varas kungiem sevišķi LPP un kļaviņu, šlesi un citiem mēsliem. Agrāk murgojot internetā vinš apzināti uzspļāva H 86 publicējot viltus foto ,kur 17.jūnija gājienā ir uzbildēts viņš , bet iztrūst Alfrēds Zariņš.

Glad you like! I suppose regular rubberlegs can be substituted, but life flex is more supple and translucent, normal legs are not. A regular substitute for life flex is super floss or flexifloss. The most common size used is a Size 8 here in the west, but it just depends on the size of bugs in the river you are fishing. You can post, share and use the link to the video as much as you like. We do not distribute hard copies of videos, due to copyright reasons.

wildchild -der Baßkrieger-1-4-2008 Interesantes lanzamientos este año la verdad si existe buena música después de los gloriosos 90′s, y esta es una prueba. Cabe reclacar que el último disco de Paul MacCarteny es un éxito y bueno que no esté aquí­ no quiere decir que no lo sea. Super que Bloc Party siga en vigencia luego de Silent Alarm.der Baßkriegerwild!

Minäkin muistelen, että silloin joskus lapsena/nuorena tämä oli mielestäni hieno teos, ei nyt sentään Kokemus mutta melkein. ;) Niitä tosi suuria lukumuistoja ei ehkä kannatakaan pilata lukemalla kirjoja uudelleen, saattaa pettyä pahasti. Vaikka parhaimmillaan tietty haltioituu kuin lapsena ja saa vielä toisenlaisen, aikuisen lukukokemuksen kaupan päälle… Riskaabelia hommaa! ;)Ilman muuta tätä voi suositella lapsille ja kelle vain. Sanoma ja tarina olivat ok, tökki vain se toteutustapa.

Здравствуйте. Мне сегодня в ИПАГе поставили дочке диагноз нефункционирующий желчный пузырь….скажите подддаёться ли лечению или всё ж таки операция?

– I can see how that comes across as contradictory, Sherri. When you take into account my earlier comments regarding the health reasons for why we do not eat a lot of grains perhaps that puts it in a better context. And honestly, we don’t eat these or other almond-based baked goods very often. Maybe once every couple of weeks at the most. And finally (phew I am long-winded), in our homestead planning we do plan on planting fruit and nut trees right away and would most likely have these before a crop of grains.

In Massachusetts its more than just David Parker being arrested. The very notion that the schools could teach such a subject in a way that contradicts parents wishes ought to be a first amendment issue. They are basically violating the parents religious rights by attempting to indoctrinate the students in an area where the parent’s religious teachings are being undermined.Some group should sue the school board in federal court over a violation of the parents right to religious freedom.

I’m really loving the theme/design of your blog. Do you ever run into any browser compatibility issues? A couple of my blog readers have complained about my blog not operating correctly in Explorer but looks great in Chrome. Do you have any suggestions to help fix this issue?|I am curious to find out what blog system you happen to be working with? I’m experiencing some minor security issues with my latest blog and I’d like to find something more secure. Do you have any suggestions?

Надежда:На самом деле так и есть. Что бы зарабатывать серьезные деньги надо серьезно подойти к соему бизнесу, создать успешный сайт интернет-магазин. Без труда не вытащишь и рыбку из пруда.

“The price range annoyance is being fixed. It’s a feature that has been in dire need of for ages, as before the update if you have a product in a variation listing that ranges from £9.99 to £129.99 the highest price is being shown to buyers.In this update we’ll be seeing “£9.99 – £129.99″ instead, much better, yay.”Does anyone have an update on when eBay are likely to fix the variation price issue? Any word Matt?